Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alexis grew up playing in the dirt – always barefoot and connected to nature and art.  She was most at home when surrounded by plants, animals, paints, pens, and clay.  After studying Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies in New York, Alexis returned to L.A. to pursue a degree in Landscape Architecture - a field that would allow her to combine her primary interests.

Alexis continually draws inspiration from her travels, from her five years of living and working in Oaxaca, and from her constant explorations into art, design, culture, psychology, nature, and sustainable building practices.  Whether designing an interior space or a landscape, Alexis has a knack for combining contemporary needs with a sense of timelessness, sustainability with style, beauty with functionality, and drought tolerance with lushness.  She strives to bring the outdoors inside and the indoors outside, thus capitalizing on the potentials of our Mediterranean climate. Each project, like each client, has it’s own personality and retains its own unique sense of place.  With her concierge services and attention to detail, Alexis guides clients from the initial 2-dimensional designs, all the way through construction and completion of a project. 

 Alexis offers landscape and interior design services throughout the L.A. area and beyond. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona.